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Personal Training

In my personal experience, as well as my professional experience as a therapist and fitness instructor, physical activity is one of the most effective tools in improving overall health and mental health. Physical activity can mean different things to different people. Some prefer to swim or play sports, while others enjoy walking their dog. Whatever your current level of physical activity, our trainers can assess your current ability, aid you in establishing objectives, help you identify hurdles (what some would call barriers), and facilitate and support you in achieving success for yourself.


We offer personal training (one on one) in person, on site, as well as, in-home (depending on where you live). We also offer remote programming for those who want personal trainer guidance and support without having to make scheduled appointments each week. This can be a more affordable option for you. Personal training is a very individualized experience. We start with a free consultation (about 25 minutes) where you can meet the trainer of your choosing, review your health history, discuss your goals, and complete a basic movement assessment. Click here to schedule with the trainer of your choosing.  


Susann Navarra (Director, therapist, and personal trainer) also makes herself available for free 20 minute consultations on site so you can see and hear about what we have to offer and she can match you with the best providers for your needs. Simply click here to schedule a free, in person 20 minute Clinical Consultation.


Mind & Body Therapeutic Connections is committed to your health, mental health, and wellness. We will meet you where you are at with a body positive, affirming approach. We will challenge you and cheer you on, leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment. Please do not wait. The best time to start is NOW!

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