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Semi-Private Yoga

Introducing: Create A Class

At Mind & Body, we want to reduce barriers for clients and provide a safe and comfortable place for participation in activities that are beneficial to healing. Yoga has been proven to produce positive outcomes for mental, physical, and spiritual health. We offer a variety of semi-private yoga classes to accommodate beginners, individuals with physical challenges, and those experienced in yoga. We know how intimidating it can be to go into a large yoga class at a gym or yoga studio. Our classes are unique in that they are small and safe. We also offer one on one yoga instruction for those who need or prefer an individualized experience.


Our yoga instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified, which required completion of 200 hours of yoga teacher training. A couple of our instructors are furthering their yoga training, going on to complete the 500 hour and 800 hour certifications. 

Our instructors will welcome you and inform you on what to expect. If you are new, it may be helpful to arrive early for class so you can meet the instructor and let them know about any personal needs or concerns you may have. We suggest you bring your own mat (if you have one), towel, and water bottle. We have mats available if you do not have one. Please sign up by clicking the link below. 

For more information on yoga classes, click here​.

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