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Mary-Elizabeth Thompson,
Kids Yoga Teacher


Mary-Elizabeth has come to Mind and Body Therapeutic Connections to bring us an exciting new kids yoga program.  She is certified in, and teaching from, Pretzel Kids Yoga curriculum. 

Mary-Elizabeth began a regular practice of yoga in 2018, after her son was born, as a way to practice mindfulness and to connect with her body. After the pandemic began in March 2020, yoga quickly became a necessary place of peace and strength, and has continued to be so for her since. She became intrigued with the concept of kids yoga, and its many benefits, when she took her children to a kids yoga class. Plus, she saw how much her children loved it! After much research, Mary-Elizabeth found the Pretzel Kids yoga curriculum and decided to pursue a new path. 

After living in Texas for the past ten years, Mary-Elizabeth and her family moved to Garner last fall. When she is not teaching kids yoga, Mary-Elizabeth is a professional flutist and elementary music teacher in the Raleigh area. She enjoys reading, running, and hanging out with her husband, two children, and mom.

A bit about Pretzel Kids:

"So what, exactly, is Pretzel Kids®? To kids, we're fun, fun, fun! To parents, we are the answer to helping your children stay physically fit and deal more effectively with the pressures of school and peers. We're all that and more..... our proven curriculum and amazingly fun yoga program incorporates traditional yoga postures with imaginative yoga games and relaxation techniques. All told: children laugh, learn, exercise, breathe, and relax. Better yet, they leave our classes with big SMILES on their faces.

For more information on Pretzel Kids®, please go to 
Pretzel Kids® is a registered trademark of Write Move LLC."

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