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Jennifer Mary Elizabeth,
Clinical Mental Health Intern

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Jennifer is a Clinical Mental Health Intern and will receive her master’s degree from the University of the Cumberlands of Kentucky in December 2024.  She is a Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society member and holds a 4.0 GPA.  In addition to her graduate school program, she has received additional training in eating disorders, addictive eating, body shame, and body dysmorphia, and trauma. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

Jennifer uses an eclectic approach and draws from several therapeutic modalities, including a client-centered, humanistic approach, focusing on aspects of Existentialism, attachment, mindfulness, Reality Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy while keeping careful consideration of cultural concerns and practices. She has had the privilege to work with a wide array of individuals, including adults, seniors, teens, immigrants, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and BIPOC.

Jennifer has a diverse array of educational, career, and life experiences, she can draw from including being the owner of a fitness and wellness facility.  She has ten years of experience in life coaching with clients who were seeking help for anxiety, depression, addiction, spouses of addicts and/or alcoholics, domestic violence, grief and loss, weight and body-related issues, relationship challenges, self-esteem, and trauma-related issues. 


Jennifer stated "One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to choose therapy. Our mental health is a pillar of our lives; therefore, taking care of it is crucial to leading a long, healthy, and well-balanced life." Jennifer feels privileged to be a part of a client's path toward understanding, recovery, and serenity. She understands therapy to be a growth-promoting and healing process, which includes restoring and healing the relationship between the mind and body. She encourages client's self-awareness and partners with clients to work toward both concrete objectives and a general goal of enhanced mental health. She prioritizes creating a safe space, both physically and emotionally, in which she can work cooperatively with each person to explore what is brought into the room.

As an intern, she will be receiving extensive supervision and support from Wendy Lehnertz, LMFT and Susanna Navarra, LCSW to ensure she provides all of her clients with high-quality service. Jennifer is not able to accept insurance but she does offer a reduced fee for psychotherapy services.

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