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Wendy Lehnertz,

Therapist, LMFT

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Wendy believes it's not only important but essential for individuals and couples to have a safe, non-judgmental space to share and work through problems. Wendy has expertise working with individuals and couples struggling with destructive relationship patterns, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, grief, domestic violence, trauma and abuse, and intimacy or sexual disruptions (such as infidelity, sexual addiction, past sexual abuse, etc). One of her therapeutic mottos is that we all need someone who sees us for who we really are and believes in the goodness of that authentic self.


​Over the last 20 years, Wendy has become an expert by training in cutting edge, evidence-based therapeutic models. She has education and extensive practice in various modalities to assist her clients to find the freedom they desire from current and past wounds. Although she pulls from many therapeutic models, she primarily integrates Attachment, EMDR, Gestalt, and Sensorimotor. Wendy works experientially with the here and now issues to help her clients live into their strengths and internal wisdom.  


​Wendy has also been trained in the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) for couples. Wendy has found that our style of attachment and our individualized ways of regulating are key to understanding and working with the challenges we face in relationships. From her years of practice, she is convinced it is vital to have an emotionally focused clinician, who understands how the brain is wired for connection and can help the couple gain greater insight into how their mind, body and spirit effects their relationship. 


​Wendy brings expertise to our team. One of Wendy’s specialties is to work with professionals, specifically other therapists. Due to her drive to continue training in research based models, she is well-equipped to work with therapists and other professionals. In addition to therapy, she provides group training and individual or group consultation to other professionals. One of her greatest passions is teaching and mentorship, therefore she co-founded and ran a group practice of fourteen clinicians for 10 years in Gilbert, Arizona. Wendy has taught at Fuller Theological Seminary in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. In Arizona, Wendy’s caseload consisted largely of graduate students and new clinicians. 

Wenedy believes every person is a triad, an integration of body, mind, and spirit. She also believes that in order to achieve intrapersonal growth, we must attend to the needs of each of these distinct but related parts. While she see clients from a vast array of spiritual backgrounds, one of the things that makes her unique is her willingness to focus on how our attachment to God/Higher Power shapes our journey toward discovering the authentic self. Please let Wendy know if you would like a more spiritually integrated approach. 


Wendy and her husband moved to North Carolina to enjoy their adult daughter and hopefully future grandchildren. Wendy and her husband love to connect by taking long walks and by trying new restaurants and cuisine. They also love exploring the beauty the east coast has to offer.

Wendy does not accept insurance, only self-pay. She can provide a super bill for those who wish to submit to the insurance for out-of-network coverage.

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