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Tyler Davis,
Personal Trainer

Professional Headshot.jpeg

Tyler has been helping others through personal training for over eight years. He loves starting the path of wellness by embracing what’s inside to promote a healthier, happier, and stronger version of ourselves. He specializes in integrating mental and emotional states into fun physical activities to nurture every aspect of your being. His goal is to teach you everything you need to know about transformative exercises so that you can create lasting positive changes that radiate throughout your life.

Tyler was introduced into the world of weight training and calisthenics at a young age. He felt shy, sensitive, and insecure while growing up. After his parents' divorce, when his dad said, “Now, you have to be the man of the house,” he felt overwhelmed and under-prepared.  This often led to feelings of inadequacy and nightmares of being unable to protect his loved ones.


This is where he stepped into the realm of training with a purpose. Intention. While using these fears and doubts as fuel for intensity, he was able to unlock new pillars of confidence, clarity, and control in his life. These new areas of improvement helped him become a better leader in the Army, where he built trust by tapping into his empathy and empowering purpose.  

Tyler says his main reason for becoming a personal trainer is to help guide people on their wellness journey by building their resilience and willingness to overcome obstacles.  He loves bringing joy to people and makes each workout fun and fulfilling. When he is not training, Tyler tries to find peace in nature, woodworking, or bowling.

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