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Erin Martinez,
Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

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Erin is a certified yoga instructor and pediatric physical therapist. Adapting programs to meet your unique needs is her specialty. She loves to bring the benefits of yoga to diverse groups of children, teenagers, and families, including those with special needs.


Erin strives to uplift the community while walking the path of interconnectedness. She believes in holistic health and well-being for all. She believes in the power of community.  She offers fun, engaging, compassion-based classes focusing on mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga postures.


Erin was drawn to become a yoga teacher because of the impacts that yoga has had on her and her family's health and wellness.  She can't wait to share those gems with you. Join Erin in growing together and learning how to glow from the inside out.   

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